Iconic design
Improved, not changed. The new G-Class. As strong and unflinching as if it had always been there. With its world-famous corners and edges. The rest has been almost completely revised: making it 12cm wider and 5cm longer.

New interior
Endless expanses. Even in the most uncomfortable surroundings the new G-Class spares no comfort. The new space concept makes the new G-Class a model of generosity and convenience for all its occupants.

On-road performance 
Intelligence squared. A newly developed axle architecture and steering ensure a noticelably improved on-road performance. The expansion of the assistance systems also means a significant benefit to driving safety.

Off-road properties 
No increase possible. Thanks to 100 percent gradeability the new G-Class climbs up to 45-degree inclines with familiar superiority. Its unique structure helps it to also master extreme imbalances without any problem.

The evolution of a legend
Some things never change. The G-Class DNA was created around 40 years ago. Iconic elements can also be found in the new G-Class: e.g. the distinctive door handle, the exposed spare wheel and the grab handle on the front passenger seat. 


An exceptional phenomenon.

There it is. It's as if it has always been there. There is no doubt about it: it is timeless. This is thanks to its characteristic design. Its corners and edges have been kept. Even though the entire vehicle has been almost completely redesigned. This meant the new G-Class was widened by more than 12 centimetres and extended by 5 centimetres, for example. Judging purely by its exterior appearance, it continues to impress with its characteristic box shape. In the interior, on the other hand, there is a completely new world for the passengers to discover.


The unique DNA of the G-Class was created around 40 years ago. Iconic elements that gave it a unique look then as it does now.

Its functional, robust front has kept its character for decades. Clear lines and large plane areas dominate the side view. The two large windows in the rear and the exposed spare wheel on the rear-end door are characteristic. The distinctive wheel arch liner and the wide track width ensure robust creep strength.


With its completely revised interior the new G-Class continues the character of its exterior form in its interior. The design language and proportions in the interior leave no doubt that this is the new G-Class: self-assured, sharp-edged, iconic.

It's as if nature was on standby for the spacious interior of the new G-Class. The vehicle doesn't save on comfort or convenience in even the most uncomfortable surroundings. The new space concept makes the new G-Class a model of generosity and convenience for all its occupants.


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