The new GLC Coupé

The new GLC Coupé

All kinds of strength.

The GLC.

Front-end design
A sporting highlight: the new front end.

A more athletic diamond radiator grille, more elegant chrome elements, more striking headlamps. Imposing air intakes in the bumper lend the front added power and presence.


Digital cockpit
Streets ahead on the digital front, too: the new cockpit.

The optionally available fully digital cockpit with high-resolution touchscreen conjures up a fascinating display and control environment. Courtesy of MBUX, the revolutionary Mercedes-Benz User Experience.


New engine generation
Dynamism meets efficiency: the new engines.

In addition to new efficient diesel engines, electrified petrol engines featuring EQ Boost are also being introduced. An electrified starter alternator generates additional torque: this is the boost effect.


At your best with the new ENERGIZING packages.

If you wish, the new GLC Coupé can enhance your sense of well-being. To this end, optional ENERGIZING packages combine various comfort systems into programmes of several minutes' duration which can invigorate or relax you.


Dynamic Handling
The three-in-one suspension: DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL.

The optional DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL suspension allows you to adapt the damping and the vehicle's handling according to your individual wishes in three stages. With an emphasis on ride comfort, sporty or particularly sporty performance.


Rear-end design
Perfectly honed broad shoulders.

The rear end of the new GLC Coupé exudes a self-assured, sporty air. Broad shoulders, sporty tailpipe trim and narrow horizontal LED tail lights underscore the dynamically athletic character.

Climb aboard and loosen up.
With the ENERGIZING packages.

The optional ENERGIZING packages offer an easy way to pep yourself up. According to the equipment on board, various systems, such as climate control, seating comfort, ambient lighting, sound and fragrancing, are combined into programmes which run for several minutes. The new GLC Coupé offers you a relaxing or invigorating experience, depending on your choice of programme. Optional multicontour seats additionally treat you to a luxury massage in keeping with your selected programme. For added energy, comfort and driving safety.


New touch control concept
Everything firmly in hand. One finger is all it takes in the new GLC Coupé.

You can now control and individual almost all functions in the new GLC Coupé with just one finger, using the optional high-resolution touchscreen of up to 26 cm (10.25 inches) in size, the new touchpad in the centre console and the Touch Control buttons on the new steering wheel. To customise the display styles or operate the ambient lighting or the infotainment system, for example. A gentle touch is all it takes. This makes the new touch control concept as simple and intuitive as on a smartphone.


New displays
Razor-sharp, irresistibly intuitive:
the new displays.

The cockpit now welcomes you with a 17.8 cm (7-inch) media-display with touch function as standard. For the first time, you now also have the option of a fully digital instrument cluster with navigation display. MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) in the background provides for a totally new way of controlling the vehicle's functions. The displays allow individualisation in the form of different display styles and scenarios. You can choose your own personal way of controlling the functions: by natural speech, via touch control elements or using simple gestures.


Burmester® surround sound system
Let's hear it for a superlative audio experience!

With the optional Burmester® surround sound system your new GLC Coupé becomes a concert hall. 13 high-performance speakers, a 9-channel DSP amplifier, a total system output of 590 W and electronic and acoustic elements tailored precisely to the interior conjure up a unique sound. The surround function and the sound optimisation for the front and rear seats provide an even more intensive listening experience.

New front-end design

A sporting highlight: the new front end.

The new GLC Coupé awaits you with a consummately stylish and even sportier design. The imposing diamond radiator grille and the new-style chrome elements immediately catch the eye, as do the LED High Performance headlamps featuring a new light design, which come as standard for the first time. Striking air intakes in the bumper lend the GLC Coupé added power and presence. New rim designs and the optional AMG Line represent the ultimate in sportiness and elegance.


LED headlamps

A highlight that now comes as standard:
the LED High Performance headlamps.

The power of the new GLC Coupé is also evident in its headlamps. LED High Performance headlamps now come as standard, featuring a light design which creates an even greater impression of width. Apart from its striking appearance, the LED technology also illuminates the road ahead more evenly and produces a particularly pleasant light. The LED tail lamps are an additional highlight and improve visibility both during the day and at night.

Sporty wheel design

Sportiness in a new dimension.

There's no stopping the new GLC Coupé - it is forever evolving. An even broader range of exclusive wheels is now available, offering a host of new rim designs. From 45.7 cm (18 inches) to 50.8 cm (20 inches), from elegant to sporty: the choice is yours.

New rear-end design

The rear: the start of something new.

The new GLC Coupé's rear end is eye-catchingly athletic and sporty. Powerful contours combine here with sensual, pure lines to dynamic effect. The impressive apron, the stylish chrome elements and the tailpipe trims integrated in the bumper all catch the eye here. Particularly striking: the narrow LED tail lamps featuring a cutting-edge light design.

Because communication is everything today.
Thanks to Mercedes-Benz User Experience, the new GLC Coupé not only speaks your language - it also communicates effortlessly with the digital world. This allows content and functions of your smartphone to be integrated in the GLC Coupé, for example. And displayed in fascinating guise on the media display and more intuitive than ever.


MBUX touch control concept

The new MBUX touch control concept.
Depending on the scope of equipment on board, the fascinating new MBUX touch control concept offers you a touchscreen of up to 26 cm (10.25 inches)* in size, plus a touchpad and Touch Control buttons on the steering wheel, via which you can operate and adjust virtually all the functions in the vehicle with a single finger. As simply and intuitively as on your smartphone.



MBUX voice control
Talk to the new GLC. Perfectly naturally.
With the MBUX voice control option, the new GLC Coupé not only listens to you, it hangs on your every word and talks to you. You can converse with your car in a perfectly natural manner to adjust and control virtually all the functions in the car. Just say "Hey Mercedes" and the new GLC Coupé will be all ears.


Head-up Display
More gen, less risk. With the head-up display.
The optional head-up display turns the windscreen of the new GLC Coupé into a fascinating digital display. Here you have all important information in your field of vision at all times - high-def and in colour. Without having to take your eyes off the road. So you can devote your full attention to the traffic at all times.



Wireless charging
All charged up with good ideas.
In the new GLC Coupé you can now conveniently charge your compatible smartphone without any need for a cable. Simply place it in the centre console tray. The multimedia system will recognise your mobile phone automatically and charging will begin. The system recognises all compatible devices, irrespective of model and brand.

Smartphone integration
The new GLC Coupé and your smartphone become one.
In the new GLC Coupé you now have the option of operating your smartphone without having to use your hands at all. After connecting your smartphone via Bluetooth, NFC or USB cable, your key apps and functions will be shown on the media display, allowing you to operate them by touch control or even by spoken commands.


Sit in an SUV. Drive a sports coupé.


From sporty to comfortable:
the DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL suspension.

With the optional DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL suspension you can adapt the new GLC Coupé's damping and handling characteristics to your individual needs. At touch of a button, for a noticeably more comfortable or more dynamic driving experience. Three options are available for this purpose - "Comfort", "Sport" and "Sport+". According to whether you are looking for particularly comfortable, sporty or extra sporty handling. The damping is continuously variable and is adjusted individually for each wheel. For even better driving safety and ride comfort.


4MATIC all-wheel drive
Exemplary roadholding: 4MATIC all-wheel drive.

On asphalt or easy off-road terrain, with 4MATIC the new GLC Coupé reveals its special strengths in adverse road conditions, such as wet, ice or snow. Thanks to the interplay between the individual wheels, the permanent all-wheel drive is able to ensure exemplary driving stability and traction at all times. For greater dynamism, comfort and safety overall.

Engine technology
Kick-starting the future with EQ Boost.

The electrified petrol engines with EQ Boost are being introduced in two power ratings. A belt-driven 48 V starter alternator and corresponding on-board electrical system generate additional torque for dynamic response. In addition to which there is battery charging during deceleration and virtually silent coasting in gliding mode, with reduced fuel consumption. Plus a new generation of efficient diesel engines complying with the current Euro 6d-TEMP emissions standard which is now also being introduced in the GLC Coupé in various power ratings.

Exemplary safety with Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive systems.

During rush hour, on long drives at night or on unfamiliar routes – your new GLC Coupé noticeably takes the strain out of driving, particularly in stressful situations. This is based on a concept that makes every journey in a Mercedes-Benz safer and unique: Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive. Because the time you spend behind the wheel is your time. Time for relaxation. Time to replenish your energy. So that, first and foremost, you reach your destination safely, but are also relaxed when you get there.


Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC

You won't want to be without this optional highly developed system any longer, especially in bumper-to-bumper driving or traffic jams. The Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC takes a lot of work away from you and automatically regulates the distance from the vehicle in front. In conjunction with Speed Limit Assist, you can adopt detected speed limits conveniently at the press of a button.


Active Braking Assist

Active Brake Assist can help to avoid rear-end collisions with vehicles in front or stationary vehicles as well as accidents with moving pedestrians and cyclists. As part of this, in addition to distance and collision warning, it primarily also offers braking assistance – right up to autonomous emergency braking.


Trailer Manoeuvring Assist

Save time and hassle when manoeuvring: with optional Trailer Manoeuvring Assist you can complete reversing manoeuvres confidently, precisely and calmly – even in difficult situations. For inexperienced drivers of car/trailer combinations in particular, the assisted steering is a genuine help.


PRE-SAFE® system

The optional PRE-SAFE® system makes use of the time prior to an impending accident on your behalf. A host of measures are able to reduce the loads generated as a result. The innovative PRE-SAFE® Sound generates a noise from the speakers which is able to trigger a natural protective reflex: As such this protects the inner ear by damping the accident noise.


Blind Spot Assist

Blind Spot Assist takes a very close look for you – in particular as soon as you actuate the turn indicator. This optional system is thus able to give you a visual and audible warning of side collisions with other road users in the blind spot. After your trip, the system still remains alert and warns you if you open the door at the wrong time.
Traffic Sign Assist

Keeping an eye out for you: thanks to intelligent linking of camera and map data, Traffic Sign Assist is not only able to detect speed limits, overtaking restrictions and when they are lifted. It also shows no entry restrictions and warns you against incorrectly entering roads against the flow of traffic.


Driving Assistance package

Take to the road leading to autonomous driving: this latest optional system support you based on the situation with speed adjustment, steering, changing lane, and even when there is a risk of a collision. The risk of an accident is reduced – passengers and road users are effectively protected. This way you are able to reach your destination relaxed and safe.

The most critical emergency situation is also covered: if, with Active Steering Assist switched on, you are no longer able to carry out your driving tasks due to health reasons, after a prior warning your Mercedes will initially be braked gently and then increasingly firmly until it comes to a standstill, and the hazard warning lights will be switched on. A connection to the Mercedes-Benz emergency call centre is then established and the vehicle unlocked for the emergency services.


Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC

Turn the stress of tight parking spaces into effortless calm. Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC* is not only able to find parking spaces – it also helps you to enter and leave them. As part of this it helps you with steering, and on vehicles with automatic transmission also with accelerating, braking and changing gear.

In the case of an end-on parking space the system helps with driving forwards and reversing into it – while in the case of parallel parking spaces it helps with reversing into it. And if the Active Parking Assist has carried out this procedure for you it also supports you in the opposite direction when leaving the space again.



Parking package with 360° camera

Optimum parking service on board. Active Parking Assist with 360-degree* camera makes it easier for you to find a parking space and to manoeuvre into and out of parking spaces. The choice is yours: thanks to all-round visibility you can park your vehicle yourself – or have your vehicle parked stress-free.

Clearly understandable visual and audible warnings can help you to avoid annoying damage when parking and manoeuvring. Thanks to the clear display of the parking space surroundings, together with practical guide lines, you can better estimate the route, width of the vehicle and distances to detected objects.



Adaptive Highbeam Assist

You activate the system with an operating procedure and then benefit from the advantage of the large headlamp range. Whenever the Adaptive Highbeam Assist function is not registering any vehicles in front or any oncoming traffic it switches the main beam on. This means that you can see the road surface or any hazards more clearly. Plus: you do not need to keep changing over to low-beam headlamps yourself.


LED High Performance headlamps

The LED high-performance headlamps provide more safety at night and an unmistakable, distinctive look. LED technology illuminates the road ahead better than conventional headlamps – and it uses less energy. The adaptive tail lights featuring LED technology adjust their light intensity to the ambient conditions.



For your perfect vision: the optional MULTIBEAM LED headlamps employ individually controllable LEDs to react to the given traffic situation. Partial main beam omits other road users without dazzling them. ULTRA RANGE main beam increases the range to the permitted maximum. The Active Light System and cornering lights also optimally light up the field of vision.


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