The new GLB.

The new GLB.

Open for what's next.

The GLB.

Comfort gains. In size.

Stay flexible and make yourself comfortable. The second seat row with optional fore/aft adjustment lets you create the space you need for your lifestyle. With the optional third seat row (suitable for people up to 1.68 m tall), the GLB offers space for up to seven occupants. The feel-good factor is constant thanks to the climatised seats and a wealth of other comfort features.


Optional third seat row

There is space for up to seven people in the GLB. The rear bench seat provides space for three occupants, and with the optional 3rd seat row it is possible to add two further individual seats as an option. These can be folded separately of each other and – like the 2nd seat row – feature attachment points for child seats.


Large, variable load compartment

The GLB impresses with plenty of space combined with compact dimensions. Comfortable loading already begins with the low boot sill. Variable folding options for the backrests make the GLB a flexible transport vehicle for everyday use. Alternatively it provides space for two more passengers to become a 7-seater.



Easy and stress-free loading and unloading with HANDS-FREE ACCESS: the boot lid opens and closes contactlessly. For this the sensor area beneath the rear bumper detects a kicking motion with your foot. This is particularly helpful when you have both hands full with shopping bags or don't have a free hand to close the boot lid.


Head-up Display

The outlook for sporty driving pleasure and effortlessly superior driving feel is good: the Head-up Display transforms your windscreen into an exciting digital cockpit. As such you always have a direct view of key information. Your full attention remains on the road and the traffic conditions in front of you.


Climatised seats

The climatised seat system ventilates the front seats and cools them down, thus also controlling humidity. In cooler weather, seat heating quickly brings the seat cushions and backrests up to a pleasant temperature. You will no longer want to do without this pleasant seat climate control.




Freedom in its most beautiful form.

As the first of its kind, the new GLB generously redefines space and always lets you decide what to do and not to do.


 - Distinctive SUV design
 - Claddings, simulated underride guard & roof rails
 - SUV design featues in the interior
 - Free-standing Widescreen Cockpit


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